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Mythbuster: why Cote Ghyll is a world away from the hostels you remember

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 in Youth Hostel

When is a youth hostel not a youth hostel? When it’s Cote Ghyll Mill.

Offer anyone of a certain vintage ‘youth hostel accommodation in North Yorkshire’ and chances are their head will be filled with images of clanking bunk beds, grubby vinyl flooring and communal bathrooms (that are always engaged).

That has created something of a challenge when we’re talking about The Mill. Yes, it’s group accommodation, perfect for schools, groups and families. But our group accommodation in North Yorkshire is a million miles away from what you might expect a hostel-type facility to offer.

So if you’re looking for a great value Yorkshire holiday, here’s why it really is worth exploring the Mill.

  • A space for every group: There’s room for 61, but you don’t need dozens to enjoy the Mill. Perhaps you’re an art group looking for group accommodation for a few days while you paint the area. Maybe you’re looking for a place for a few families to stay together, but want to give everyone their own space. Take a look at what’s on offer here. We think it will surprise you.
  • Every room is en-suite: Forget images of one bathroom per corridor. Each of our 14 bedrooms has full en-suite facilities.
  • Double beds, WiFi, USB charger points: Is the image of group accommodation that you have in your head a little… basic? The Mill has double bunks (great for family stays). Every room is fully carpeted. There’s WiFi throughout, and every bed has its own night light, power socket and USB point.
  • Fantastic food: Yes, there’s a self-catering kitchen that you’re welcome to use if you’d prefer, but when you choose the Mill, you can take a break from the cooking. Enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals every day – and we cater for special dietary needs.
  • Licensed: Does the youth hostel you remember from years ago have a blanket ban on alcohol? We’ve got a licensed bar serving wines and beers, and a comfortable lounge to enjoy them in. Just check with us when you book to ensure the bar will be open during your stay.
  • Secure: Keypad entry (and staff onsite throughout the day) keeps everyone at the Mill safe and sound.

If your idea of group holiday accommodation was formed in the Yorkshire youth hostels of a few years back, it’s time you saw what Cote Ghyll Mill has to offer.

To book your group accommodation in North Yorkshire, call the Mill on 01609 883425.

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