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Holiday Home Ownership Essential Info

Can I come and view the park?
Absolutely! we’d love to show you around. To arrange an appointment give us a call on 01609 883425 or make an enquiry now.

Can I use my holiday home year round?
Your holiday home is available to use from the beginning of the season on 1st March for a 10 month period, up to the 1st of January.

How are gas, electric, water, sewage and rates charged for?
Water, sewage and rates are all included in the ground rent. Charges apply for gas and electric according to usage.

Can I choose my own make and model of holiday home?
Yes, it is possible to choose your own make and model, however we do have a range of holiday homes already on pitches which are available to buy. If you want to choose your own, we would be happy to assist with this and the pitch would be subject to availability. Please give us a call or email us to find out more.

How long can the holiday home stay on the park?
Holiday homes can stay on the park for up to 20 years.

Am I allowed to sublet my holiday home?
Holiday homes are for your own enjoyment and that of your close family, so we do not allow the subletting of holiday homes.

Can I live in my holiday home full-time?
Holiday homes are for holiday purposes only and are to be used just for holidays. It is not permitted for you to live in your holiday home full time.